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Spelling Homework:

Spelling Words for week of 3/8

Enrichment Words

 *Students are only responsible for the 5 words that they missed on the spelling pre-test.   Please complete all assignments on 1-2 sheets of paper and turn in on Friday*

Bingo Contract:

Squiggly words: Write each word twice.  Once in a wiggly handwriting and once more in regular writing.

Dictionary Dazzle: Write your spelling words in ABC order.

Bubble Letters: Write all of your spelling words using BUBBLE LETTERS.

Scrambled Words: Write each word, then write them again with the letters mixed up.

Pyramid Words: Write your words adding or subtracting one letter at a time.  The result will be a pyramid shape of words.

Pictionary: Draw pictures to illustrate the meanings for each word.

Fun Fonts: Type each of your spelling words four times on the computer using a different font each time you type them.

Goofy Story: Write a goofy spelling story using your words.  Be sure to underline your words as you use them.



1. Jennifer Ouert - September 18, 2008

hi this is your best student

2. Heather Douthit - October 4, 2008

hey mr breinza its auston your rokin roller im looking

at your website see you Monday

3. Jennifer Ouert - November 13, 2008

hi mr. B this is leah, our classroom is huanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4. Jennifer Ouert - November 13, 2008

can you totor me in long division????????


from your best student,


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